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I decided to use a NAS as opposed to constantly buying portable hard disks for my storage needs. I settled on a DroboFS due to their advertised ease of use.

Verdict? The DroboFS is a great NAS but it definitely is not for the non geek. Like any other modern NAS, you just pop in HDDs and that increases the total storage space. The main selling point for me is the ability to run DroboApps - which are essentially popular Linux programs recompiled for the DroboFS variant of Linux.

A few kinks though:

  • CLI (command line interface) for initial installation and customization
  • The main support is the Drobo Forum, a restricted forum (you are required to enter your Drobo FS serial to join) - this sounds alarm bells to me, unless you are trying to restrict opinions and active discussions on the product

But hey, I installed Transmission Bittorrent with its nice web interface, and FUPPES to provide UPnP to stream media to my .. yeah .. iPad. :)

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