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A land where dreams come true

I got my greasy hands on the new Chrome OS hotness, the Cr-48 Chrome notebook.

First off, cool box art, no?

This is not a machine for everyone - if you live exclusively in the cloud, emailing using a web based email server like, I don't know,, listen to music using Pandora, take notes with Google Docs, use Facebook and Twitter, and watch the occasional YouTube video, then this machine is right for you!

If you have not heard yet, the Chrome OS is nothing but a browser. So no Starcraft or Photoshop for you; flash games and HTML5 photo editing tools for you instead! It's limited, but if it fits your usage needs, then hey, why not. I liken it to the choices between a Kindle vs an iPad for pure book reading, or a Toyota Corolla vs a Ferrari for transportation to and from work.

The hardware is still in pilot, so I expect the experience to only get better. Don't write off this niche product just yet. Let's see how the interweb advances in the next few years.

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