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A short note about growing old

As you grow older, you

1. realize that you are at the age at which you were 12 and exclaimed, when I grow up, I will XXX. Well you haven't done XXX yet.

2. realize that you don't recover from being sick as quickly as you used to. That bites.

3. begin to think birthdays aren't all that great.

4. really hate being sick (see point 2). I am sick and I hate it. Now get off my lawn.

5. forget stuff. So when I grow up and reach 40, make sure that I have already read Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters. All of them. And try not to fall asleep while reading them halfway old man. []

6. think it's really cool that you are old, because you can now say things like, "you young people", and when you do something wrong, you just go, "meh, what do I know? I just a grumpy old man."

7. worry about becoming a grumpy old man.

8. think it's best to not count based on absolute age and we should be counting based on relative age. So from now now, my age is TBD (to be determined), but when I die, I would have been (current_age / age_of_death * 100%) old.

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