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Investing without paying attention

I have continued to invest in various equities in the midst of the current economic turmoil. My core investment philosophy has being unchanged (spend less than I earn, and invest the rest).

I bought my first investment-linked policy (ILP) in 2001. Yes, you can only learn from experience, and I have learnt not to buy ILPs anymore. I believe life and medical insurance should be separated. I have sequentially purchased appropriate medical insurance for the future.

With multi-year lows being reached on a regular basis, securities valuations seem very favorable to individual investors. If you invest in the stock market right now, you will walk out with great returns in 5 to 10 years. I make the maximum contributions to 401K on index funds (40% international, 50% US, 10% Bonds), invest regularly in Asian mutual funds, and buy individual stocks on the US market. That's my allocation of retirement, investment and speculation.

And in worst case, I have several verbal agreements with friends to bunk in their balcony if things don't work out. :P

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