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So what's up?

I went for dinner with some friends of my friends, and one of the 2nd degree friends asked me about the "layoffs" in Google lately. A little shocking, but I believe he was mistaken - he was probably confusing us with other search engine companies.

They were also curious about the atmosphere in Google (presumably due to the "layoffs"), but I think it's important to inform everyone about the ten things Google has found to be true.

Quite appropriately, #1 is "Focus on the user and all else will follow."

We focus on being a really good search engine, and do whatever we can to help the web ecosystem with our technology. We believe that stock price and market capitalization is incidental to being a great company doing great things.

p.s., to clarify in case there is any doubt, there are no "layoffs" in Google. The confusion arose because of the constant media focus on the negatives of the US economy lately. In addition, the perception of any form of exodus is, in my opinion, overplayed. People naturally come and go.

In fact, now is a good time to note that Google is always looking for great people to hire. So if you have what it takes, please apply for a Google job now!

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