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This Article Writes Itself

Mike is a dear friend whom I have known since my undergraduate days in Waterloo. Mike is an astute observer of life and I refer to him as "Mike the Critic".

Blogging is hard work

me: I should just use your quotes.
mike: you should start by saying... blogging is just too much work [smile]. That's what Mike the critic would say

Using Mike Quotes

me: oh yeah
reminds me that i do have a textfile in my home laptop
titled "mike quotes"
mike: that's "Mike's" quotes
(you can add grammar nazi too)

AAPL is a good buy

Mike: so I feel safe with my AAPL investment
missed out on the iPod
so hopefully this'll be a catalyst for even greater returns
I've hated the cell phone industry for so long
now the hate is gone.

Very critical

me: You are overly critical of everything.
mike: yep, that's me
snob of everything

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January 9, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterthanyamas

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