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Thanks for the acknowledgement, but...

I just read Wee-Chong's PhD thesis on M2ICAL. (Fine, scanned through). I have to thank him for the kind acknowledgement which I shall reproduce here because it's so amusing:

A lavish pesco-vegetarian dinner awaits my partner-in-crime Lim Yew Jin, seemingly the only other person interested in intellectual games research in the whole of Singapore. My initial thesis idea stemmed from him, and even though it eventually metamorphosed beyond recognition, Yew Jin was always available as a sounding board for ideas and a sympathetic ear as a fellow PhD student. Almost makes me forgive him for being 6 years younger and 6 times smarter.

Yes Wee-Chong, woe to all of those who dare to study something academic on something with no immediate financial reward in Singapore. The important thing is that we survived and can walk away as free men. Thanks for being modest and saying that I am smarter than you - I can only honestly claim to have actually played (a lot) less board games than you during our candidature, which, mind you, can be viewed as a bad thing given the our subject area. And while I cannot deny that I am younger, there's also the issue of life expectancy. If I die 6 years before you, it all evens out.


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You only just read my thesis? I'm hurt, HURT I tell you. I'd be even more hurt if I had read your thesis. :P

Let's see. You're a pesco-vegetarian marathon runner/biathlete with access to a gym and personal trainer. In the last couple of weeks I had an all-you-can-eat high tea at the Marriott, a whole pork knuckle from Cold Storage at Takashimaya, 3 or 4 pizza dinners (Bernice figured out how to make them :D) and exercised, well, not at all. And you think I'm going to outlive you 6 years?

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterUmExcuseMe

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