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Turning american

I caught the shopping bug, especially since Google gave out a $1000 holiday bonus to all full-time employees. Besides a Harman Kardon Soundsticks II (connected remotely to my ex-neglected airport express!) and iRobot Roomba, I got a bunch of DVDs and digital music from Amazon and iTunes. I actually thought to myself, "man, I'm turning american". (like how people turn japanese). At least I can still afford my credit card bills.

In other news, I helped to host teachers from the Singapore Sports School at Google. I found it highly commendable that the school funded these teachers to visit other schools in the US and multinational corporations like Apple and Google to learn about organizational culture, operations, etc. Now the onus is on them to spread the word and make real changes in Singapore.

I also attended the highly-coveted interviewer training classes by (1) drafting a response to attend the class before openings are available, (2) setting an alert to inform me when there are openings, (3) ???, (4) profit! Oh wait, I'm not on /.

Google really places a lot of emphasis on interviewing, and it is something that software engineers consider as an actual work activity, because interviewing well is tough - You have to take the time to prepare for the interview, actually conduct the interview, and finally write a detailed summary so that Google can make an informed decision on whether or not to hire a candidate.

On the other hand, when I told the Mrs that I attended interviewer training, she informed my mother that I "went to attend some nonsense course to skive"... ouch. That hurts.

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