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Kudos to Miss Loi

I do not have much things to discuss lately, but I have to plug, also known as Jφss Sticks - For effective prevention of Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging Syndrome, the significance of which is duly explained in her FAQ.

Well done to Miss Loi, who is clearly a very enterprising mathematics tutor in Singapore. For example, she sells exams papers online, and of course, tuition services (that do not come cheap). Her website is an excellent example of branding and marketing.

I really like reading her blog, which I find tickles me to no end. The funniest part of her blog is how she continuously refers to herself in a third person perspective with "Miss Loi" or "sexy maths (sic) tutor". It reminds me of the scene in Heroes Season 2 episode 2, Lizards, where Hiro Nakamura impersonates Takezo Kensei and uses his power to stop time and disarm 11 bandits. To ensure his opponents remember his hero, he repeatedly refers to himself as Takezo Kensei, to which one bandit exclaimed, approximately, "why does he keep saying his own name??"

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tuition is like insurance, they prey on the fear of each individual family, conning them into parting money to trade for reassurance and peace for mind.

if there exists a need for tuition for students to excel, it says a lot about the deficiency of the country's education system.

what the hell are the teachers doing if their students are unable to absorb their lessons? too busy with paperwork and admin. And why are students unable to absorb their lessons? Because of class sizes? Because of lack of interactivity? Because of sheer incompetence? These are questions parents need to ask before even thinking of turning to tuition.

October 9, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterffooll

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