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My name is Lim Yew Jin. I am currently a Software Engineer at Google in its Mountain View campus. I received a Bachelors of Mathematics Double Honors Degree in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science (With Distinction) from the University of Waterloo in June 2000. I then returned to Singapore and entered into national service in July 2000. Upon completion of full-time national service in Nov 2002 as a naval officer, I enrolled in the National University of Singapore in Jan 2003 after receiving the A*Star-NUS Graduate Fellowship. I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the School of Computing, NUS, in September 2007. You can find a list of disambiguations here in case you are still confused.

My research interests are game AI, interactive media, high performance computing, machine learning. You can peruse my (outdated) resume online

You can contact me via email


  • Y. J. Lim, and Y. W. Teh, Variational Bayesian Approach to Movie Rating Prediction. KDD Cup and Workshop 2007. (Referred Workshop Paper) (Available online) Extension introduced here
  • Y. J. Lim. On Forward Pruning in Game-Tree Search. PhD Thesis. 2007 [pdf]
  • Y. J. Lim, and W. S. Lee, Properties of Forward Pruning in Game-Tree Search, AAAI 2006. [pdf]
  • Y. J. Lim, and W. S. Lee, RankCut -- A Domain Independent Forward Pruning Method for Games, AAAI 2006. [pdf]
  • Lim Yew Jin, and Jurg Nievergelt. (2004) "Computing Tigers and Goats", ICGA Journal, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 131-141. ISSN 1389-6911, 2004. [pdf]
  • Wee-Chong Oon and Yew-Jin Lim. (2003) "An Investigation on Piece Differential Information in Co-Evolution on Games Using Kalah", Proceedings of Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC2003), Vol. 3, pp. 1632-1638, ISBN: 0-7803-7804-0 [pdf]

Note about my name

In Asia, the standard template for names is reversed
To avoid any confusion, my last name is Lim. My first name consists of two separate words, Yew Jin, and when pronounced, sounds like "Eugene". In fact, over the years, I respond more readily to "Eugene" than the proper pronunciation of my name!

Anecdote about my name

One of the most entertaining conversations in my life is with a school administrative officer from the University of Waterloo.
Officer: "Is you there?"
YJ: "Yes, I am here."
Officer: "You Lim?"
YJ: "Yes, I am Lim."
Officer: "Are you you Lim?"
YJ: realization
YJ: "Yes, I am Yew Lim."

The Bet

If and when the University of Waterloo addresses their alumni letter to "Yew Jin" instead of "Yew", I will donate CAD$1000 to the alumni fund.

On 18 Aug 2009, the Alumni office contacted me to correct my name! (Ok, who pointed them to this page?) I have made the CAD$1000 donation in recognition of this correction. Note to self: Place expiration dates on bets.